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Spring in Eureka Springs

The first sign of spring.

The first sign of spring arrived this past week. What a welcome sign!  Growing up in Colorado I remember the crocus would peak through the snow and we would know spring was just around the corner.

It’s time to make your plans to visit us here in Eureka Springs.  It’s been a long winter and we’re ready for spring.  It will be fun to see our old friends meet new people this year.

This next week I will post some of the events that are being planned for this season.

And don’t forget the Eureka Springs St. Patrick’s Day Parade on Saturday, March 15th which starts at 2PM.  This event began in 1993 and has continued to expand with more of the usual Eureka Springs outrageous floats, music and even a mechanical dragon and a unicorn pony. Eureka Springs loves a parade!

Eureka Springs Gardens

Time around the holidays is so precious.  We’ve lived in Eureka Springs now for seven years and there are so many things we have never taken the time to do. Tonight I took time to drive around the Historic Loop and view the Christmas decorations.  Outstanding!

Many of our visitors to the Inn at Rose Hall comment about how pretty the gardens are here in Eureka Springs. It doesn’t matter if it is spring, summer, fall or winter, they are outstanding.  Our very creative city gardener, DonE Allen, has outdone himself this fall and winter.  He has created arrangements in the bird baths at each of the major springs and the entrance parkway to our village that are spectacular.  And it’s done on a shoestring with DonE collecting treasures all year to spray paint and glitter.  Make a point of looking at this man’s masterpieces the next time you are here in Eureka Springs.

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