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Tummy Ticklers: A Eureka Springs Kitchen Store

Long-standing Eureka Springs Kitchen Store

Are you a foodie?  Do you love to putter in your kitchen?  If yes, a visit to Tummy Ticklers, a Eureka Springs kitchen store is a must on your next visit.  This amazing kitchen store is a popular tiny shop, jam-packed with unusual and useful utensils, gadgets, jams, fresh coffee beans, loose teas, and amazing Rada Cutlery. A quote from a customers on their Facebook page, “If it’s for the kitchen and you can’t find it here-you don’t need it.”

This tiny Eureka Springs kitchen store has been in business here for over 38 years. Carol Friesen purchased the store 13 years ago. It seems that every resident of Eureka Springs story starts the same way.  Carol fell in love with this little Victorian village and wanted to move here.  One day she sat down at her computer and googled “Eureka Springs stores for sale.”  Tummy Tickler was for sale.  As a child of a jewelry store-owner Carol just had to take that retail knowledge and move it into the food/kitchen world.  Carol’s customers know that they can depend upon her to have the latest in fun and unique items.


What You Can Find

Latest Fun & Unique Kitchen Toys

Want to bake a pie?  This little kitchen store has everything you need – an assortment of pie plates, pie birds, rolling pins, crust shields, decorative cutters, pastry cloths and even pie dividers ranging from 6, 7, 8, and 12 slices.

Have you ever shocked yourself when chopping an onion and all of a sudden realize you’ve just taken the tip off your fingernail, or even worse nicked your finger.  Here’s a great item…a stainless steel guide to protect your finger tips so you won’t do any damage. And it’s priced cheaper than a band-aid $4.99 at this Eureka Springs kitchen store.

Unique Handmade Kitchen Gifts

The owner of the Tummy Ticklers, Carol Friesen loves to tinker with wood.  She has created unique hand crafted wood turnings for one of a kind pepper-grinders,  spurtles (Scottish stir sticks), mojito muddlers, wine stoppers, biscuit cutters, or mortar and pestles.

Tummy Ticklers is located just across Main Street from the Eureka Springs Courthouse.

Folk Art in Eureka Springs at Wilson & Wilson

American Folk Artist – A Eureka Treasure

One of our local treasures is a woman by the name of Blakeley Wilson. She’s an American folk artist. She and her mother Sylvia own Wilson & Wilson Folkart Company at 23 Spring Street in downtown Eureka Springs. Be sure to put a visit to this gallery on the top of your “must see” list when you visit Eureka Springs the next time.

Painting Her Ideal World

When you walk in you instantly know you are talking with a woman that is doing what she loves. Her folk art paintings are of her “ideal world.” They capture idyllic villages, farm scenes, and tiny critters. You will find she or Sylvia, in the store painting every day they are open. A conversation with Blakeley will make you want to move into her “ideal world.” We’ve never walked into her place of business and not left feeling better about the world. Blakeley has a smile and genuine warmth that makes you feel better about everything. And her painted critters will put a smile on your face.

Folk Art Details Make You Smile

As you move around the gallery you will find yourself pausing and studying each painting, looking at all the details.  Her folk art is a life of whimsy and the simple things we love in her magical paintings. Her canvas can be anything she chooses. On our last visit she was working on a series of teakettles. Each of the hand painted teakettles telling another story about a magical place.

Creative From a Young Age

Both of Blakeley’s parents are very creative people. As a child Blakeley traveled with her parents to arts and craft festivals all over the country. She says, “I started painting long before I learned my alphabet.” Lessons well learned. She is still participating in War Eagle Arts and Crafts Festival after 25 years.

There is one thing we can guarantee. If you visit Wilson & Wilson you can’t help walking out of the store with a smile on your face, and a song in your heart. You might even find yourself humming Zippity Doo Dah as you amble down the street, feeling a little silly.


Crystal Bridges Museum of American Art

Crystal Bridges Leaps from Idea to Reality

Photography by Dero Sanford. Courtesy of Crystal Bridges Museum of American Art, Bentonville, Arkansas.

Photography by Dero Sanford. Courtesy of Crystal Bridges Museum of American Art, Bentonville, Arkansas.

Crystal Bridges Museum of American Art is truly a treat and has something to offer everyone. It is the brainchild of Alice Walton, daughter of Sam Walton, creator of the hugely successful retail giant Walmart. Alice Walton wanted to share the pleasures of the art world with the residents of her home state, Arkansas. She envisioned a place where the people of this region had easy access to great works of art. The project broke ground in 2006 and opened in 2011.

Walton already had an extensive personal art collection but with the inception of this project she began to turn the heads of the art community by purchasing major works of art, i.e., Andy Warhol, Norman Rockwell, Georgia O’Keefe, etc. The collection spans five centuries of American masters from Colonial to current day.

Community Excitement for Crystal Bridges

Locally the community applauded the project with much enthusiasm. A construction overlook was built so locals could watch as the complex structures were built. It opened November 2011 to an excited public that had watched it come to fruition.


Photography by Adair Creative. Courtesy of Crystal Bridges Museum of American Art, Bentonville, Arkansas.

Photography by Adair Creative. Courtesy of Crystal Bridges Museum of American Art, Bentonville, Arkansas.

World-Class Architect for Crystal Bridges

Moshe Safdie, a world renowned Israel Architect, was selected as the architect for Crystal Bridges. He is known for his genius in blending nature and structure seamlessly. Great care was used to re-route the natural springs while construction was underway. Wide expansive windows allow you to look out on the natural ponds from all parts of the Museum, reminding you of the beauty of the Ozark Mountains.

Photography by Timothy Hursley. Courtesy of Crystal Bridges Museum of American Art, Bentonville, Arkansas.

Photography by Timothy Hursley. Courtesy of Crystal Bridges Museum of American Art, Bentonville, Arkansas.

A Day or Hour at Crystal Bridges

We suggest our guests that are staying with us in Eureka Springs take a day to drive to Crystal Bridges, visit the museum and have lunch in the café. Take the time walk some of the trails in the woods. This is the Ozark landscape that Alice Walton and her brothers played in as children. Once on the trails the museum disappears from view and you are immersed in the lush landscape that has been planted with more than 250,000 native plants. Over 16,000 trees have been planted to make seasonal statements such as the pink dogwood in the spring and the breathtaking red maples in the fall.

There is no charge to visit the museum’s permanent collection. It is open six days a week (closed Tuesdays). The fees for the traveling exhibits are very nominal. The exhibit that is creating quite a sensation now is Chihuly: In the Forest which will be on display until November 13,2017. We will talk about this Chihuly in another future blog.

A New Beginning Blossoms with the Inn at Rose Hall’s Essay Contest

View of Lake LucerneIn 2002 I arrived on the doorstep of The Inn at Rose Hall, after having spent over twenty-five years in San Francisco and the Bay Area. It was definitely a huge leap of faith that brought me to Eureka Springs, Arkansas, and I’ve never looked back. It’s been an incredibly satisfying and unforgettable experience in my life.

Until I purchased The Inn at Rose Hall, I had never been in the hospitality industry. I was fortunate to have a very rich, diverse career in fashion and as a professional speaker, which gave me the opportunity to travel all over the world. I loved meeting new people and entertaining them. My diverse background came together as a perfect fit in creating the success of The Inn at Rose Hall.

Now we have a big announcement to share with all of our guests and friends. After having owned and operated The Inn for fourteen years, it’s time for me to move on. I’ve decided to turn the page and start my life’s next chapter.

It won’t be easy to hand The Inn at Rose Hall over to someone else. Those of you who have stayed with us know how much I love what I do. Will I miss The Inn and all of its guests? Absolutely, yes, but I know there are other creative challenges for me to conquer still.

So, are we going to sell The Inn at Rose Hall?

Well, we’ve had real estate brokers bring people to The Inn. They walk through and ask all of the appropriate questions about income, but they never ask, “What’s it really like running an operation like this?” “What is there about this business you really love?” Owning or running a B&B is a lifestyle, and you must be passionate about it to be successful. Without asking the right questions, I don’t think prospective buyers can find success and happiness as future innkeepers.

We want to turn The Inn at Rose Hall over to an individual/couple that has a genuine passion for people and that truly cares about contributing to the well-being of others.

The way we are planning to find the new Owner/Innkeeper is by running an essay contest: Win The Inn at Rose Hall. It’s a creative and unique process that I think will help us place The Inn at Rose Hall in the hands of the perfect new Innkeeper/Owner.

It’s a fairly simple process. It’s a straightforward essay contest designed to create an opportunity for an individual to win his or her own turnkey Bed and Breakfast potentially mortgage-free, plus a few dollars in relocation expenses. Take a minute and go to the website and see if you are the one(s) we are looking for.

Welcome to Eureka Springs

  1. Read the Contest Rules.
  2. Write your Essay Entry.
  3. Submit your Entry between February 15, 2016 – June 15, 2016 following the Contest Rules.
  4. Include your Entry Form, $135.00 Entry Fee plus $12.50 Processing Fee.
  5. Wait patiently until the winner is announced to see if The Inn at Rose Hall is yours.

Isn’t this an exciting concept? I’m so looking forward to reading the essays, and finding the ideal Innkeeper/Owner for The Inn at Rose Hall.

If you are ready to add a new chapter to your life, perhaps your diverse background might lead here just as it did me.

If you have any questions that are not answered on the Win The Inn at Rose Hall website, please go to our Win The Inn at Rose Hall Facebook page and post your questions. We’ll get back to you promptly.

Looking forward to next exciting and inspiring new chapter in all of our lives!

Eureka Springs Creates a Fun-filled Christmas Events Calendar

Inn at Rose Hall Eureka Springs always knows how to take a fun-filled holiday month and ratchet it up and put a slightly overactive spin to it and 2015 is no exception. December is a great month to shop and stay in Eureka Springs.  Check out our gift to you our guests at the end of this post.

December 4th Christmas Parade of Lights themed “Rockin’ Around the Christmas Tree.”  Eureka Springs loves a parade and especially one that hosts Santa Claus. There will be Christmas floats moving through the Historic District, lots of locals that love to get together and walk in the parade tossing candy to both young and old.. We even have a couple of bands that participate and a lot of fun-loving people. Yes, it might be a little hoakie but the enthusiasm of the locals and participants make up for it all. It sets the tone for the Christmas Season. Christmas lights and colorful led screen rental are turned on and the parade lights up Spring Street making it one of the year’s most popular parades.

Eureka Springs Christmas Tour of Homes

December 5th—Always proud of their small Victorian Village, Eureka Springs’ residences once again invite visitors to tour their homes and experience the history and lifestyle of the past. The Eureka Springs Preservation Society hosts the 33rd Annual Eureka Springs Christmas Tour of Homes on Saturday, December 5, 2015, from 3PM-8PM.

This year there will be nine Eureka Springs’ locations participating in the self-guided tour. Members of the Preservation Society dressed in period costumes will act as docents at each of the locations. As you move from one home to the other visitors will see Eureka Springs in all of its’ Christmas finery.  Tickets are $20.00 and include use of Eureka Springs trolley between tour homes during the Tour hours.

For more ticket information go to

Eureka Springs Snow Village and Train Exhibit  November 22nd-December 23rd

 If you or someone has a passion for trains, this exhibit should go to the top of your list. There are three Lionel 0 scale trains, three town squares depicting businesses of the era as well as over 300 buildings with accessories, vehicles, trees and many surprises. It’s definitely not a display for children only! For additional information see the events page of the museum website:

December 5th Eureka Springs Auditorium 7PM

John Two Hawks Holiday Concert

 If you have never heard this Grammy and Emmy nominated Native American Flute Music Recording Artist, John Two Hawks, give yourself a holiday treat this year. Each holiday season he blesses Eureka Springs residents and guests with an evening of very special music. This year he is joined by the Finnish singing star Johanna Kurkela performing music from their new album “Noel” as well as other yuletide music.

A Gift To You From  The Inn at Rose Hall, The Peabody House or Lake Lucerne Resort and Ranch.  As our way of saying thank you to our Eureka Springs merchants and to you our guests

Shop & Stay with us in Eureka Springs any time from December 4-24, 2015

Each day of your stay at any of our properties make a minimum $30 purchase at any Eureka Springs Retailer (not bar or restaurant) and you will receive a $30 discount on your stay! All you have to do is show us your receipt from that day. Good for up to three nights discount during December 4-24, 2015.

It’s our way of saying to you “Thanks for supporting our retail stores that make Eureka Springs a fun and interesting place to stay. It’s also our way of saying, “Thanks for staying with us. It’s been our privilege to host your visits to Eureka Springs.”  Reservations must be made on our online reservation system.  The special is only available for On-Line bookings.

The Silent Voices of Eureka Springs


Eureka Springs Cemetery

In planning a trip to Eureka Springs, I would doubt that most travelers have a visit to the Eureka Springs Cemetery on their list of “things to do.” But if you are fascinated with history, it’s a must do on your list any time of the year. The old tombstones have a voice of their own, they speak of times gone by, and families that created this Victorian town. Some of the names are barely legible but you can make out many of the dates that go back to the 1800’s. You will ask yourself, what would life have been like in Eureka Springs then?  Who was this person?  How did they make their living?  Was it a large family?  Some of the names you will recognize from the markings on the buildings in town.

Tombstone for Smith

Tombstone for Smith 1828-1881

Every year for the past seven years, some of our talented Eurekans have responded to that question by being a part of Voices from Eureka’s Silent City. The living history tour features live actors in period costumes portraying the early citizens of Eureka Springs who now reside in the silent city. You will walk through the cemetery stopping to hear the stories of some of Eureka’s former leaders, hooligans and gentle folk.  The actors are all local Eurekans taking on the role of a member of the community in the 1800’s.

Tombstones from 1800's

Tombstones among the trees.

The event will take place on Friday and Saturday, October 30th and 31st. The guided walking tours begin at 5:30PM and leave every twenty minutes from the former Victoria Inn parking. There is no parking at the cemetery, but free parking and shuttle service will be provided from the former Victoria Inn. Tickets are $10 for adults, $5 for children 12 and under. They may be purchased in advance at the Chamber of Commerce or the museum downtown at 95 South Main St. They will also be sold at the parking lot.  The event is done to benefit the Eureka Springs Historical Museum.

Eureka Springs Opens New Pathway


Painted stairs in Eureka Springs

Eureka Springs has always pushed the edge in artistic efforts. This time it is a community effort that has reached out to our younger artists. An unimpressive concrete staircase in the heart of town has come to life thanks to the efforts of the UP Project that engaged a community of artists, designers, volunteers and sponsors.

The UP Project invited students of the Eureka Springs High School Art Club to submit designs to enliven the uninteresting stairs from Center Street to Main Street in the historic district. Two sketches submitted by Kennedy Cash and Kyla Boardman were selected by the Eureka Springs Arts Council. Doug Myerscough, a muralist, assisted the two students in combining their sketches into a single mural running the length of the staircase. The outcome is a unique and exciting way to depict the environment surrounding our beautiful city. You can’t help but stop and reflect on the unique and engaging staircase.

((Photo by Chris Boothman))

Eureka Springs Wedding —Small vs. Large

Congratulations to Bill and Becky (Wilson) Young on their intimate wedding.

Congratulations to Bill and Becky (Wilson) Young on their wedding.

Two key words are standing out in our conversations with bridal couples that come to our Eureka Springs Bed and Breakfast to plan their weddings—small and simple.  They say, “We want our wedding to be about us.  We want to enjoy our wedding and not be stressed over the expense and all the planning.”

A small wedding can be much more intimate.  Frequently we see a few tears shed from both the bride and groom as they express their feelings toward each other in their vows.  It’s really very sweet and they are so much more focused on what they are saying to each other.

The larger wedding puts more stress on the bridal couple.  They are nervous in front of their friends and family and many times less focused on their vows.  The expense of a larger wedding can be very daunting as well.  It’s all about choice and what the two of you as a couple want to do for your wedding celebration.

One of our couples decided to do an old-fashioned elopement.  It wasn’t easy to keep it a secret but they felt they had succeeded.  They arrived at The Inn at Rose Hall laughing about all the stories they had told to their friends about their weekend plans.  They were sure no one had any idea they were coming to Eureka Springs to get married.  The service was lovely with just the two of them.  We enjoyed being a part of their secret.  After their weekend Honeymoon they returned home and walked into a huge surprise party honoring their marriage.  It turned out everyone knew they had become Mr. & Mrs. It was a very happy celebration.

Create your own celebration with a lot of thought.  And do it to express the love between the two of you.



Eureka Springs — Music Events All Summer

If you are a music lover, pack your bags and head for Eureka Springs this summer.  Upcoming events should satisfy every music taste this year.

This upcoming weekend, June 12-15 is the annual Eureka Springs Blues Weekend with a stellar lineup of great blues performers.  Kicking off the performances at the Eureka Springs auditorium Friday, June 13 is Grammy winner Chubby Carrier and the Bayou Swamp Band.  Opening act Walter “Wolfman” Washington is an icon of the New Orleans music scene for decades.

Saturday June 14 the headliner is Carolyn Wonderland a musical force who ranges from the soulful vocals of Janis to traditional blues.  Opening the show is Moreland & Arbuckle, Brick Fields & The Chosen Ones.

OPERA June 20-July 18

Now in its 64th year Opera in the Ozarks will be performing in its newly air-conditioned outdoor venue at Inspiration Point.

Summer Programs:

Mozart/ Cosi fan tutte

Puccini/ Suor Angelica and Gianni Schicchi

Sondheim/ Into the Woods

The synopses are available on their website:

BLUE GRASS August 14-16

Mr. Big’s Annual Bluegrass Festival. Acts include Melvin Goins, Retro & Smiley, Pam Setzer, Clark Family, Bill Nesbitt, Karl Shiflett & Big Country.

JAZZ September 12-14

Jazz in Eureka.  Free music in Basin Spring Park and jazz at other venues around town.

This year will feature Fayetteville Jazz Collective, and Last Southern Gentlemen Tour.  Definitely not to be missed is Ellis & Delfeayo Marsalis in concert at the Eureka Springs Auditorium.

FOLK MUSIC October 7-11

The 67th Annual Ozark Folk Festival

Every doorway and nook and cranny around town will have folk music pouring out of it.  The headliner at the auditorium will be The Hedge Hoppers.



May Festival of the Arts in Eureka Springs

Eureka Springs Arkansas Art Festival

Even the local clowns are ArtRageous in May

You can always tell when it’s spring in Eureka Springs.  The parades are more frequent and the locals are decked out more outrageously.   The ArtRageous Parade kicks off the May Festival of the Arts the first weekend in May. Anyone that has ever been to Eureka Springs knows creativity abounds here and nowhere is it demonstrated more than in the creativity of the parade participants.

The galleries, restaurants and retailers feature artist receptions and demonstrations all month long.  Not to be missed is the new Eureka Fine Art Gallery on North Main featuring outstanding local artists, Larry Mansker, Denise Ryan, John Willard, Cynthia Kresse, and Mark Rademacher. Every Saturday evening in May the Galleries stay open for a Gallery Stroll from 6pm until 9pm.  Be sure to pop into Eureka Thyme to see which local artist Marsha Havens is featuring.

Talent abounds as you can see in this video of mixed watermedia landscape artist Carole Dickie (Click for Video) who is one of the artists featured by Eureka Thyme.

Here at The Inn at Rose Hall, our Eureka Springs Bed and Breakfast, we feature local artists work year-round in our Morning Room where breakfast is served each day and in our suite, The Gallery.

Eureka lovers flock to town on the third Friday in May for the very popular White Street Walk. This quiet neighborhood becomes a giant block party and street fair from 4pm to 10pm. on this one night a year.   Doors are open to everyone to come in visit with the artists, view their latest masterpieces, enjoy refreshments, and experience Eureka Springs at it’s best. This party has taken place every year for 24 years.

For a complete list of events go to

The Inn at Rose Hall, 56 Hillside Avenue, Eureka Springs, AR 72632 Reservations: 800-544-7734 Phone: 479-253-8035

Please also visit our sister properties: Peabody House and Historic Cottages

The Inn at Rose Hall is a proud member of the Eureka Springs Wedding Guild.