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Folk Art in Eureka Springs at Wilson & Wilson

American Folk Artist – A Eureka Treasure

One of our local treasures is a woman by the name of Blakeley Wilson. She’s an American folk artist. She and her mother Sylvia own Wilson & Wilson Folkart Company at 23 Spring Street in downtown Eureka Springs. Be sure to put a visit to this gallery on the top of your “must see” list when you visit Eureka Springs the next time.

Painting Her Ideal World

When you walk in you instantly know you are talking with a woman that is doing what she loves. Her folk art paintings are of her “ideal world.” They capture idyllic villages, farm scenes, and tiny critters. You will find she or Sylvia, in the store painting every day they are open. A conversation with Blakeley will make you want to move into her “ideal world.” We’ve never walked into her place of business and not left feeling better about the world. Blakeley has a smile and genuine warmth that makes you feel better about everything. And her painted critters will put a smile on your face.

Folk Art Details Make You Smile

As you move around the gallery you will find yourself pausing and studying each painting, looking at all the details.  Her folk art is a life of whimsy and the simple things we love in her magical paintings. Her canvas can be anything she chooses. On our last visit she was working on a series of teakettles. Each of the hand painted teakettles telling another story about a magical place.

Creative From a Young Age

Both of Blakeley’s parents are very creative people. As a child Blakeley traveled with her parents to arts and craft festivals all over the country. She says, “I started painting long before I learned my alphabet.” Lessons well learned. She is still participating in War Eagle Arts and Crafts Festival after 25 years.

There is one thing we can guarantee. If you visit Wilson & Wilson you can’t help walking out of the store with a smile on your face, and a song in your heart. You might even find yourself humming Zippity Doo Dah as you amble down the street, feeling a little silly.


Eureka Springs Opens New Pathway


Painted stairs in Eureka Springs

Eureka Springs has always pushed the edge in artistic efforts. This time it is a community effort that has reached out to our younger artists. An unimpressive concrete staircase in the heart of town has come to life thanks to the efforts of the UP Project that engaged a community of artists, designers, volunteers and sponsors.

The UP Project invited students of the Eureka Springs High School Art Club to submit designs to enliven the uninteresting stairs from Center Street to Main Street in the historic district. Two sketches submitted by Kennedy Cash and Kyla Boardman were selected by the Eureka Springs Arts Council. Doug Myerscough, a muralist, assisted the two students in combining their sketches into a single mural running the length of the staircase. The outcome is a unique and exciting way to depict the environment surrounding our beautiful city. You can’t help but stop and reflect on the unique and engaging staircase.

((Photo by Chris Boothman))

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